"Group coaching is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, awareness building and accountability." - Jennifer Britton


Group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group. This peer learning is often as important as the interaction with the coach. Many clients find the process "less on the spot", giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights. Masterful group coaches step back and create a strong process framework for the coaching to emerge from.

Coaches may find that group coaching is a powerful way to leverage their time and resources, enabling them to work with more clients over less time, potentially at a lower price point per person.

Organizations may find benefit due to the scalable nature of the process, opening up communication between silos or group members in different parts of the organization. Over time these relationships create a valuable network across an organization. Group coaching can also be positioned as a training follow-on, supporting learners to with the transfer and application of their learning, creating an on-going accountability structure. Group coaching is an on-going conversation, which supports change over time.


What group coaching looks like:

Group coaching is taking many forms globally, given that it is driven and shaped by the various needs of different client groups. The group coaching conversation can feel "wide and broad" rather than the deep, deep dive of an individual coaching conversation.


Example #1: A group coaching program for female leaders exploring work life issues - ongoing in person corporate sessions over several months.


Example #2: Group coaching for new managers as a follow-on to leadership training, with conversations occurring monthly over a year.


Example #3: A three month bi-weekly program offered virtually (by phone) for business owners, with a mix of small group and individual coaching calls.

Let the group do the work!

Great things never came from comfort zones.