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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Yeah, we've got time!

It's not a quiz, but it's a list, and that's like the next best thing!

What is your relationship with time?

I have found a few types of time managers in my life, let me introduce you to them now, and let me know which type you think best describes you!

Never Enough-er: This is the person, who can see 30 minutes on the clock ahead of them, and decide that's really not enough time for the 10 minute project they need to knock out, might as well go chit-chat for a bit.

I Got Room!: Opposite of this last one, this person sees 30 minutes and starts a 40 minute project, nothing like pressure to speed up the process!

What's the Plan?: These guys find a spare moment and before they dive into the next thing, they look at the calendar, then check the planner, and back to the other calendar, and ask their friends if they are missing anything. Over done, they never miss an opportunity!

Let's wing it!: These are fun friends, but tend to be a tad stressed out. They are up for anything, at literally any time. And because of this, they usually miss their planned outings. Just don't schedule out plans with them, because they are probably already doing something else!

Distracted: When they are looking at the clock and a fly goes by, all of sudden they are in the closet looking for the fly-swatter. But since they are there, they pull everything out to reorganize it and now have totally forgotten what they came to the closet to get.

Time-Guru: Not only is this one on top of their time, but they somehow know where you are supposed to be, too. The Logistics queen, she is probably also making lists of her options and doing so in the most efficient way possible.

So who did I miss? Who are you?

Me? Well I'm all of them don't you know?! I've literally done all of these things and try to use them all strategically (or not so strategically in some cases) to get through my days. HA!

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