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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Tricks for Success

Wait, what? There's hacks for this?! I'm so on board.

  1. One bite at a time. How do we eat an elephant? Yeah, same with success. You won't become an overnight YouTube star, if you never first download the app. Start small. Like really small, like wow, I will never get there in a million years small. Why? Because, these small miniscule bites seem perfectly harmless, and fit seamlessly into our lives. And makes it all a bit less scary.

  2. Share the success. Surround yourself with successful people. First off, this will help you be around big people doing big things and get you away from people who think small. Second, it will lift the veil on their success, and you will discover behind the scenes secrets you never could have imagined otherwise.

  3. It's not pretty or perfect. Success is not a clean road. It's paved with failure, screw ups, mistakes, bad days, typos and not so pretty pictures. Own it. Get used to it. The more comfortable you get with these mistakes and fixing them along the way, the more confident you will get in your ability to pivot when necessary, and trust me it will become necessary.

  4. Go all in. Really, figure out how to make your mission a part of your every day. Every day, every thought, every conversation. Your spouse should get sick of hearing about it so much so that you have to find other people to talk to about your goals. (coaches are great for that situation by the way!)

  5. Own it. Get so comfortable with talking about your goals or mission, that not even snickers bother you. People around you will either get as excited as you are about your project, or they will project their fears on you and say things like "What about...." or "I could never..." and learn how to tell them you're sorry they feel so afraid, but that you have backup plans and don't intend to fail!

  6. Schedule it. If its a priority it better have time on your calendar. Block the space, schedule the moments, find the time to do the work it will take.

  7. Celebrate the wins. Seriously. The works is hard enough, so make sure to celebrate your wins along the way, you don't have to wait until you're all the way at the goal before you celebrate!

  8. Pivot. Like Ross Gellar, you will have to "PIVOT!" a ton before you get to the end. I encourage my clients to know the vague outline, but not to be so specific in our goals that we forgo many many opportunities that we never would have dreamt of along the way. Allow your goal to evolve as the work progresses.

  9. Take Breaks. Allow yourself breaks, especially if it's a long-haul project. Allow down days. It doesn't have to be all consuming all the time!

  10. Reassess. Keep assessing the goal and mission, and make sure it still makes sense and is the target you want to be headed towards.

And have some fun along the way! (Some outtakes from a recent photo day, they aren't all gems!)

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