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To Time Block or Not?

The trick is that everyone time blocks. Whether you think you do or not. Some are just better at it than others.

Have you ever swung by the grocery store on the way home from work? Guess what? You time blocked.

Have you ever skipped the gas station because you're leaving town tomorrow and you'll grab it then so you have a full tank? You time blocked.

So why do my clients panic when I mention it?! Mostly because they fear the amount of work that will have to go into it.

But really, it should come automatically. Like knowing which errands to lump together to save resources. Really.

I don't think you need to get to expert level time blocking over night. Far from it. If you are stuck in a waiting room, if you are on hold with a company, if you are mindlessly scrolling social media, stop and take 2 minutes to make a positive step in your own life and see what you can move. Pick one. That's right, just one. Pick one thing that could move to a more convenient spot in your schedule and do what it takes to move it. For some of you it might be rescheduling a rotating event. For others, it's simply recognizing that things are tight and sending a text letting someone know you might be 15 minutes later than expected. And then see how good you feel having done that work.

It's really that simple. When life feels chaotic, and like you're running around like crazy, it's probably because you are. Get smart about it, make a plan and make it reasonable. If you're still not able to get it under control, you have what I'll call schedule clutter and it's time to clear it up, for no other reason than your own sanity, you're not a super hero after all (though close!)

And if you need some help with your summer calendar, join me on Wednesday, May 26th from 12-1pm either in person or virtually, as we make a summer plan huge on fun and low on stress! $15 and tickets are available now.

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