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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Tick-tock * Tick-tock

I can't believe just how much time I was spending on things I don't even enjoy. I'm working on these shifts myself, but let me ask you, have you ever looked at how you're spending your time?

If you've never done this or haven't looked lately, I encourage you to do so. Pick a day, and plan to pay attention to how you use your time. How much of your day did you spend on you? How much of it did you enjoy? Did any of the parts you didn't enjoy get you closer to goals you care about? And be honest, how much of it was spent idle (tv shows you don't truly enjoy, Facebook!, working on things you could ask for help with or hire out)?

And trust me, changing your time management is not a switch you make, it's day-in, day-out efforts making small changes as you recognize them. For example, I recently stopped absentmindedly checking online news sources. Why? I get plenty of the notifications to my phone and through social media, that this was an unnecessary time suck for me. What have I gained besides about 10-15 minutes added to my day? I feel more productive, and I'm spending more time on the parts of my life and job I enjoy like scheduling one-on-one calls with interesting Montanans.

So one small swap at a time, see if you can find a time suck (even 5 minutes counts) and swap it with something you truly enjoy, like coffee on your porch, and see how you feel in a week. I'm sure the time passing will be so much more enjoyable.

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