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The Witch is in...

Updated: Oct 18, 2017

How is it already October, I had such big goals for 2017 and now it's practically over! We've put our Halloween decorations up, but only just barely. The flower beds still aren't cleaned out, we have wallpaper of all patterns and types all over our house, my business is only just sputtering off the ground, the baby weight is only coming off in 1 pound increments, we hardly went anywhere this year and our bedroom furniture is still from the 70s.

And through all of this, there never seems to be enough time to get dishes done, cook healthy, workout, keep up with laundry, return calls, have quality time with my girls and husband and let alone a date night out! No wonder my husband keeps turning our witch in/out sign to "in" all the time!

But here's the thing. In 2017, we sold our first house, bought a new to us home with the home improvements to go with it. Our daughters have brand new furniture in their rooms. We had our 2nd daughter Berkley in June and I started and launched a business. We went to four different weddings, sometimes hauling the camper along with us, laughing and loving the whole way through. We were recently in Glacier National Park, and I'm already down about 30 pounds from the baby.

So 2017, not too shabby. I suppose I can be a little less witchy and figure out my plan for finishing 2017 strong and add the rest of my never-ending list of projects to 2018!

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