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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

The Virago Collaborative

The What?

The Virago Collaborative. I'll break it down.

A virago is a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities.

Produced or conducted by two or more parties working together. Being collaborative means getting outside of yourself — not just listening to other ideas, but really hearing them.

So then what is The Virago Collaborative, LLC? Well, it's a group of Helena business women who are taking our heroic efforts and putting them to work collaboratively to achieve our goals! We are expanding our space to make physical room for more people, and to add more space for drop-ins, events and so much more!

Think of it like coworking, but more. Think of it like the old Men's clubs back in the day, but better. Think of it as a space to network, a place to learn, a place to grow, to ask questions, to ask for help, and to collaborate, because life really takes more than just one person and business is no different.

You can't grow your business without other people talking about it. You can't find new customers without meeting new people. You can't be a specialist and and expert at all the things.


We've worked in male dominated fields, we've worked in male-oriented and designed spaces. We've whispered about tampons, apologized profusely for having a kid tag along or be sick, yet again. We've made money, closed deals, finished projects, excelled professionally, grown, and all in a world that wasn't necessarily supportive of our no longer 8-5 always-connected lifestyle. Now, together, we want to see what happens when we throw that on it's head just a bit.

What can we accomplish when tampons are readily available in the bathroom like toilet paper? What can we do when our office has a small table for our kids to entertain themselves when we need to pop in real quick on the day the babysitter or daycare cancels. What can our businesses do when we can host parties and fun events and not just another boring meeting? What can we do with a space that's available flexibly in days, evenings, and weekends?

As simple as it sounds, and trust me my husband (as supportive as they come) had his doubts until he starting talking to other WOMEN about the idea, having an office space that welcomes men and our male clients with open arms, but is built by and for women has a lot of people excited.

If you are one of these, sign up for more information at, and like us on Facebook or Instagram. General memberships are available now for pre-sale at a killer price both on the website and you can support us even more at and search for Virago. We will soon have more information on desk rentals. And of course, you can still schedule sessions with me and PLucK! Coaching and we will meet at the new Virago space when it opens, or continue to meet at TopFloor Coworking or a location of your choosing. Because, let's face it, none of us are doing any of this by ourselves.

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