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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Thanksgiving - a time of sharing and of stress

Like a pharmaceutical commercial, "Are you sad?" "Does holiday stress bring you down?" Buy our stuff and it's a quick-fix solution to fix it right now! ( Now be honest do they ever really work?) I didn't think so.

Holidays and family and work and taxes and pinterest or instagram expectations are enough to drive the most successful people batty! But here's the rub...break it down. Have you ever been stressed and really asked yourself why? Sure you know the source of the stress (time constraints, money woes, family responsibilities, etc), but have you ever asked why those issues are bothering you?

Do it, right now. What's something that is stressing you out (pick one)? What is it? Why is it stressful? Now...ask yourself if the why is true.

For example, I'm stressed because I want to do something uber crafty with my daughters this Thanksgiving. What is it about this that stresses me out? I feel this need to "create" moments for my girls and I don't have time to get this ready! Why is it stressful? I need these moments because they are necessary for my girls to grow up with good memories and be well-rounded individuals and in order to get it right I need space and time to get it set up. Is this true? Well no, this isn't true. I know full well that they will get messed up or be well-rounded with or without these crafts, and if my goal is to create a moment with my girls, why isn't the preparation time also a moment? Well go figure, just sorting that out makes me less stressed about this whole endeavor. Instead of stewing on the stress (like I do, I'm not perfect), really drilling it down to its very basics allows the stress to just melt away and allows me the opportunity to find new ways to look at the issue.

Try it out for yourself and let me know if it works. If it doesn't, call me and we'll walk through it together!

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