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Talk it out!

Has your spouse heard enough of your business issues?! What about your friends or family. Or maybe you don't even have those folks to lean on?


Look, it's real. And talk to any business owner and they'll agree. Your job is hard. And your spouse must think your businesses is nuts! Because if I were a betting woman, I'd bet the only time you ever talk to them about business is when things are going incredibly good, or incredibly bad. Well, no wonder they can't help! They don't understand the day-to-day and really don't understand why the ups and downs are just so challenging!

There are so many benefits to being able to talk through our work puzzles. So don't stop just yet! You just haven't found your people. (Hint: A coach is fantastic for that, and you can schedule here). There are also groups out there for you. We had this need ourselves and knew it and that's why we opened The Virago Collaborative. And it didn't take long to realize that what businesses need most to be collaborative was a scheduled day and time! So from that VConnect was born. Together we grow, learn and yes, vent a little, but always with a tilt towards growth and learning.

Come join us soon, and really, what have you got to lose? Your marriage gets better? Well now, who'd actually want that?! Or go ahead and keep asking your spouse questions about work and see how that goes.

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