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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Take it easy on yourself, geez.

So many of my clients don't know whether they are coming or going. They have calendars filled to the brim, obligations out the wazoo, and can't keep track of what day it is!

When did this all become OK? When did we say this level of chaos was necessary for success?

Well, it's not, and more and more, my clients, and clients of coaches across the country are saying enough is enough, and finding focus and clarity in their lives. We spend a lot of time as coaches shaking our head and laughing at how common the personal problems of our clients are. I have basically the same 5-6 conversations over and over no matter who my client is. Coaches ask the tough questions that our clients haven't thought to ask of themselves yet, like do you really NEED to be going to that 3rd networking event this week?

Let's face it. Life is a practice, its not something any of us perfect, and trust me, about the time you think you've got it nailed down and perfect, life will throw that inevitable curve ball. So what's a perfectionist to do? Step back.

Step back, with a little space between you and the curve balls coming at you, you will find the ability to react! Space will give you the freedom to double check your schedule before you say yes. Space will give you the freedom to say no to requests and projects that don't match your goals. Space gives you the time you need to laugh and play on the floor with your kids.

So with that, how can you loosen your grip a bit and take two steps back?

I do it by pushing through the nerves. I do that by taking control of what I can when it doesn't seem like that's much. I do it by going back to the basics. Asking myself things like "Why am I feeling stress?", "What did I want my day to be like?" "Can I just take a bathroom break?" "What will really happen if I miss this deadline or task?" As simple as these all sound, they become a great divider and pause in the day to just say to myself, wait, this isn't right. And oddly enough, after I find a little space, I can usually find a more unique and easier path forward.

Good luck and let me know if you want some help navigating this new practice in your life!

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