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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Let out that inner child!

So summer of 2020 might not be the summer we were all hoping for. So why can't it be even better?!

You've so got this. Every single client I have at one point or another has told me there wasn't enough time, or that summer goes too fast, and what they really want more of are those backyard moments. Reading in the sun, playing games with the kids before they grow up, spending time hiking, boating or fishing.


Just like regular summers, these things may not just magically happen, especially if you are like me and plan every weekend to the tilt with events, farmer's markets, birthday parties, etc. So be more like the new me and start penciling in your free days, or free weekends. Find those weekends where you will say no (or say it'll be a game-day decision) to everything so that you can wake up with zero obligations and nothing but time on your hands. Got a boat or an adventure you want to tackle, pencil it in!

Make it happen, and make yourself so happy you will pencil in a few more like this in the years to follow. COVID or not.

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