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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Slippery Fish

I love that I can use this analogy with my clients and they get it right away! Montana, amiright?!

Have you ever tried to accomplish something and try so hard, in so many ways and so hard, but just keep banging your head against some invisible brick wall? Well it's a lot like trying to hold a fish. When we are kids we are all taught how to hold them gently, because if you try to grip it at all, it's gone!

The same can be said in life. Sometimes the easiest option is to loosen the grip. Stop pushing so hard. Take a break. Step back.

So many of my clients are shocked at what comes their way when they finally stop pushing so hard against things they can't control and instead turn away from the brick wall and start working on the things they can control and discover a way easier path to their original goal.

Got a goal you're making no progress on? Try stepping back, bringing it down a notch and seeing if this new intensity actually works a little better.

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