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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Resolutions suck

Why do I hate resolutions? Oh probably because they have never ever ever lasted. I always tend to think of some huge lofty goal, something I've always wanted, but have never prioritized. And in a short amount of time with little to no planning on my part, I declare (usually in the same conversation where it first came up) my new year resolution. Trust me, I still haven't planned mine out yet, but put me on the spot and I'll probably make something up! But not this year.

Here's my plan. And if I can help you along the way, too, I'm game. I have a plan to make my resolution this year and this I find critical. I have never actually planned my goals, I've never taken the time necessary to make plans for these huge life changes. I have a meeting with a coach buddy of mine and the topic of our session will be my resolution.

I blocked some time on my calendar to give it some thought. To think through of all the "things" I want out of 2018, what do I want to commit to most? I'm blocking time because I'm going to think through this list, I'm going to prioritize it, and narrow it down. I'm going to pick the one that will have the largest impact on my life for the long haul. And then I'll break it down. How do I achieve this goal, what will it take? Money, time, what do I have to "spend" to get this accomplished and am I willing to "spend" these resources? What will I do when I want to give up? I'll need to figure out three go-to solutions to force myself through those days I know will come when I want to give up. And what is my reason for going through these steps? Motivation for me is 50% achieving something and 50% avoiding something, but yours could be different. I like having both a reason to do it, as well as a reason to not NOT do it! Use those cheesy "SMART" goal guidelines (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) and actually write a syllabus of sorts for my year to get me to this goal with reasonable tasks, deadlines and also making opportunities to review my progress along the way.

Boy I hope this works, it's exciting to think that change is within my own power, and yet oddly scary knowing only I can make this kind of impact on my life. If you'd like to have some one-on-one support in your resolution efforts, please contact me, because I need ideas to poach anyways! Kidding, sort of, but really just excited to help you if I can.

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