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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

How do you know when to take the leap?

Most of my clients know what the next move for them is, but it doesn't "feel" right. They are unsure. Do they have enough money, do they have enough prospective business? Do they have the skills? And so many other questions. So how do we know when to take that next step? How do you stop saying things like, "I feel like I should be more confident?" "Won't there be a sign or something?"


Well, for starters, let's talk about expectations. What did you think it would feel like at this stage? What do you think others around you feel or go through when they make those big next moves? What do movies and tv tell us to expect? And then the kicker question, are those real? Is that the reality? Can you ask that friend what it was like? How about that influencer? Most of us in this line of work, know that it always looks better from the outside looking in. From the inside, it has been messy, imperfect, and a struggle!

So why would this next step look any different?

Where are you today?

Next steps are let's chat about how you got to where you are today. Big, little, I don't care, let's map out what has gotten you this far, and what your logistics look like right now. What's going well, where do you feel like you're struggling, and what is the current goal you are working towards?

Once we have these ideas nailed down a little better, now we can understand the next step so much better.

The next move

Whether you know exactly what it is, or you are still sorting through options, let's talk about the next step. What does it look like? What does it entail? How can we break it down? How does it apply to where you are today? Does it solve an important problem, or are you keeping up with the influencers who are advertising the service?

Hopefully, now you know how this next move fits into your business and life, and can act. And if you're still struggling, keep going through these questions.


The final step is to move forward. It's OK if you're unsure. It's OK if there were other options just as good. All that matters is that this is what you are doing right now. And it's the next move for you right now.

Look, knowing when to leap isn't always as difficult or complicated as we make it out to be, and yet, it's trips us all up from time-to-time. Follow these steps and ideally do it with someone else (like your coach!) and watch as the choices become clear and the path forward suddenly presents itself, almost like magic!

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