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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Measure twice, cut once. Duh.

We all know this one. But if you're anything like me, you always tend to wait to remind yourself of the proverb until AFTER you've messed up an important cut. (Come on, admit it, we all do it!)

It's the same for so many aspects in our lives. We mistake planning for wasted time or procrastination, and just try to be in action mode for our days. We prioritize the doing and then get super frustrated when the doing is done wrong.

Well, I'm guessing you can see where this headed. Stop. Slow down a minute. Make a plan. Spend just a quick minute assessing where you're at. Sometimes when our lives and to-do lists are a mess, we mistakenly think if we just act it'll all work out. Sometimes yes, mostly nope, or not as well as it could have.

If COVID or kids schedules, or work or the bottom line have you wondering how it can all get done, take a minute to actually plan it out. And sometimes it means planning for your planning time. It means you might have to prioritize. It means some things might not happen (gasp!), and sometimes it means realizing that if you do them in a particular order, there's more efficiency, or that as long as the first thing gets done, anything after that is gravy, and now you can start in with action.

Now go and measure some stuff.

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