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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Kindness is not weakness

I would love to live in a world where this was universally understood.

Let's be clear: We are all simply the sum of our actions. Day-in and day-out.

So, how are you managing your "batting average"? Do you consistently have excuses, or are you in control enough of your own ego, to say, wow, I could really stand to fix that. What's really influencing my actions today? We all have bad days, but if your "bad" days are outnumbering the good or even the meh days, perhaps it's time for some review.

The best people are the ones who just light up doing something. You know who I mean. They get to doing or talking about something and their eyes shine, they get excited, sometimes overly so, they believe it is all possible and then some and they aren't so naïve as to assume there won't be obstacles in their path, but they know enough to know that obstacles won't hold them back. Think about it. Ask someone about a favorite hobby, ask a new grandparent for photos of the new baby, or that workaholic friend about the best part of their job. And watch out. You're about to be showered with excitement. How can you not be inspired by these people?

Do we think these folks or anyone for that matter walk around feeling this excited all the time? No. But then why don't we work just a little harder to help people spend as much time as possible in this mode? Largely, it requires putting ourselves aside for a hot second, which I admit is harder said than done. But every political organizer, salesperson or good human resources director knows that it is so much easier to meet people where they are already fired up, than it is to try and push your agenda onto an uninterested person. There are entire career fields to take the passions of people and translate them, into votes, sales, success, leadership, it doesn't matter, you can get paid to do it.

Why in the world do we still allow for the toxic practice of shitting on someone's parade? Why are we so stuck on winning, that we forget that we all lose if we can't find ways to succeed together? Limited thinking for sure, thinking there is only so much of any one thing to go around (resources, money, success, recognition, etc). Because if we truly supported the people around us, maybe we would say more often "how can I help or get involved" and a little less, "well, that's one way to do it".

And that my friend is strength and kindness wrapped up in one awesome person.

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