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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

I got this!

Big Hint: I don't, and neither do you. At least not in the way you think you do.

Yes, we are all capable all by ourselves and I coach on this all the time, but you know what else I tell a lot of my clients? FIND NEW PEOPLE! We all need to meet new and interesting people. We can all stand to grow and evolve and without new perspectives, we can never get there! Find new friends, meet with new professionals, reconnect with old friends. Hell, find a new celebrity to follow online, I don't care how you get there, just mix it up a bit!

Wanting to change your life? Find new people.

Want to grow? Find new people.

Want to break old cycles? Find new people.

My new team:

I started coaching to change my world, and sure, I got going, and was able to take the first steps. But I really took off and discovered new things about myself, when I purposefully surrounded myself with people who were doing cool and interesting things around me.

These people inspire me and give me new ways to look at my business and my life in ways I thought I had all figured out. And guess what? That excitement went both ways, they feel the same way! And now, we continue to introduce each other to new and even more interesting people.

We brainstorm, we message, we meet for lunch, we share an office, we COLLABORATE! And my business wouldn't have grown the way it had if I had just stuck it out in my basement, believing I had it all figured out.

So who have you met lately? And not just a business card swap, but a substantial conversation, a shared meal, a genuine interaction for no other reason than to get to know someone better? Make it a habit, and believe me, you will meet some people once and never see them again, and sometimes they will become the best friend or business partner(s) you never knew you needed!

And make sure you check out The Virago Collaborative on Facebook and Instagram for more about this little thing we are building to help spread our experience across Helena and the inter-webs! (Website and more details and events coming soon!)

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