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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

How to level up your business.

This month's Tenacious Teams was truly monumental. The time we spent really hammering down discovering the keys to growth, which were truly game-changing for my clients!

So what did we discover? Well, the obvious, obviously.

That no matter what stage you are in, it is easy to take on more, to move up. So when you want to build sales, we instantly run to all the things necessary to get new clients and customers. We see growth as new.

But any good restauranteur knows, that finding new clients is much more taxing then simply getting existing customers to buy an extra dessert, gift card or drink.

It's like that in any business. If you are retail, think about that extra item that your customers want/need or ask for and then provide it. Think about how to improve your mark ups, by increasing prices or lowering expenses and costs, or a combination of the two. If you are in a service industry, it's similar. How can you streamline the business. Do more with less. How can you better serve your existing or recent customers? How can you get them back in the door or increase their service package?

And guess what, you can do this without being "sale-sy". We can do this without being creepy and desperate. What are the first things you sold? Remind them. What brought your clients and customers to your door? Offer a discount on their next purchase.

When we focus on the foundations of our business and make them solid, the next level comes seamlessly because you are focusing on the parts you already know. It's difficult to take on more/new, it's simple to solidify your base business structure and make sure what you've got is running at full speed.

Keep it really simple, because you are smart like that! And before you know it, you'll be like my clients and see real growth with very little effort. So much so, it'll feel like cheating.

And if this still doesn't make sense, call me and we will get you in for your consultation where we can apply it directly to your situation and give you the same peace of mind as so many others.

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