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Clients are watching

OK - I'll admit it, the coolest and weirdest thing has started happening to me!

My business is growing, yeah, yeah, I know, who cares. But no really. It's actually growing beyond my immediate network! It's more than friends and family taking note. It's more than immediate contacts starting to know about my business.

I had my first, "you don't know me, but I've been following you on social". Now that might not seem big, but for this little business, it's been HUGE! It has made introductions to myself and the business go more smoothly, it's meant that I no longer have to describe coaching to some clients, since they already know! It's been both weird and absolutely amazing all at the same time.

And let me tell you, the kicker is that they never comment, liked or did anything but follow me, but months later they feel like they know me and they want to schedule sessions now! It's what we know to be true. Consistency is KEY! Keep telling your story...find new ways to tell your story...even when it seems like you're getting crickets on the other end. Now, I don't mean do one type of media and shut the rest of the world still have to see and be seen and provide value in other areas and to existing customers and clients, but do that well and represent your brand and word travels, especially in these small communities!

So do what works, and keep doing it. Your new clients and growth are coming, just keep planting the seeds (preferably the proven ones) and watch business grow!

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