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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

Barriers to Success

I get it. It feels impossible. The cards are stacked against you. Maybe it isn't meant for your life.


Stop that talk right now. You deserve better. Don't believe me? Ask the people who love you. Seriously, if you are in this mode right now, ask the people around you questions like, "How happy do I deserve to be?", "Is X reaching too high for me?", and most importantly, "Will achieving success be easy?"

That's my favorite, because universally everyone will say, no! Success is hard. It's damn hard, but oh so worth it. So if you've done the work to understand your own definition of success (more info coming to your inbox soon), you can look at it and know that it will be hard. But as the saying goes. We choose our hard. Living without success is hard. Pursuing success is hard. Which hard path matters most to you today and for your future?

And get real with yourself. Sure we all have a mile-long list of things we want in our lives. But pick one. Seriously. If being the best mom possible is on the list, trust me, that will be all consuming. If losing weight is on your list, prioritize it. It comes before bad days, it comes before parties with friends, it comes before so much more. And it too, will be all consuming.

We all want to believe that we can multitask efficiently, because we've done it for so long, right? Well guess what buttercup? The truly successful, pick one thing and with laser focus, dedicate themselves to it.

Think about sports, or do you watch Shark Tank? We can't all be everything all the time. But the truly incredible are those who dedicate their all to one skill. One task. They specialize. Unsure what your specialty should be? Go to the basics. What's the one thing that impresses other people? It can be totally dumb (I feel mine is!), and yet, it's the one thing that always impresses everyone, makes them excited to be around you, and sets you apart from most (maybe not all) people around you. THAT'S IT!

Sit with it, think on it, and figure out how you can focus on that thing. Whatever thing is at the top of your list. And do not add another item, until that first thing becomes so ingrained into your life, that it comes without thought or trying. And if you add the second item, and the first falters, guess what, you aren't ready to add more, yet. Keep working on it and you will get there!

Back to those pesky old barriers...

We've all got them. I know it doesn't feel like it, but I PROMISE, we all struggle and whether they are mindset or logistics based, we all struggle. Why do you think the uber wealthy always think their money will be gone tomorrow, and thus stockpile more? They don't trust their own skills...just like me and you!

When I work with clients, we make a goal, we set a course, we make plans, but we always, always, always, talk about what we can do to "snap" ourselves out of a bad day. Things like when the brain starts running, to go for a walk. Or to have a quote nearby for reference to remind them what they are working towards. Because let me tell you, success has way less to do with skill as it does with sheer tenacity and consistency. Think about it. There's someone in your life, because we all know them. There's one person who despite all odds has "made it". Despite everything stacked against them, or despite their annoying personality, or their mediocre looks, has managed to make it big! Guess what they didn't rely on? Yeah, those. Guess what they did rely on? You got it.

So ask yourself this. Do you want it bad enough that no obstacles will be too large? If not, it's not your goal, because all goals will have obstacles. If you do? Then you have found your mission, my friend, and I cannot wait to celebrate all your success very soon!

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