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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

A Whole New You

It's so appealing, isn't it? That version of you, that you will never ever be. That version of yourself you think should be in the mirror looking back. The one that could have been...if only...

We all fall victim to this idea and dream. Why? Well because we are lucky enough to actually have 1st world problems. You know, that millennial term for knowing we shouldn't whine but we do anyways? First off, just to remind anyone bashing on millennials, I am one, so just stop. Secondly, just because they are 1st world problems, doesn't mean they aren't problems! Just because your basic needs are met, doesn't mean you aren't struggling in that next level. Whatever that level is for you! And don't judge others. Rich, poor, in college, single, parenting, whatever, we all struggle. It's in our human nature to keep pushing for the next level and to puzzle it out. SO IT'S NORMAL!

So what if I told you that we could completely change you without changing a thing?

Let me repeat that...What if you could change without changing a thing?

You'd call me crazy. Or flat out scoff at me, like one client did.

But really. What if there was nothing wrong with you? What if you are the one that got you this far, even if this far is what you consider a complete disaster? Before you go out and buy all the books, all the programs, or even all the coaching, let me let you in on a little secret: