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Ideas That Build Resilience & Create Meaningful Change

2020 and the mind-body reaction

Are you feeling chaos in your work? Are normal decisions seeming to be more difficult? Join the club.

Our minds are actually quite capable of completely taking over. Like AI in robots in those sci-fi movies, it is smarter than we are, and starts to recognize that we aren't taking control of scary situations.

Like if you see a grizzly bear running at you, you can have all the training in the world, a can of bear spray by your side, and still decide to turn and run! This is your autopilot taking over.

When danger presents itself, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. So even if the danger is logical, even when it makes sense and you know what to do next, your body starts to panic. It does what it knows for survival, raise the heart-rate, increase breathing rates, and anxiety makes us more alert. So what happens when the "danger" is less tangible? Take COVID or the year 2020 in general. Our bodies might be in this fight or flight mode without us knowing it, or with us actively trying to fight it. Doesn't much matter. Our bodies are doing what they do without any input from us.

So do the only things you can do. Change the scene. Find something peaceful. Force some calmer breaths. Slow down. Then get back to basics.

Whether it's with your family or at work. Get back to the absolute basic necessities. Figure out how to make space. And give your brain and body some space, hell, it's only doing what we all want it to do, protect us. Break down your tasks and watch how your productivity kicks back up and we can all be like:

Bring it 2020. We are ready.

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