Professional coaching is simply regular communication with someone who gets to know you, your dreams and goals (and let's not forget your excuses). We assess your accomplishments, set reasonable next steps, and work to push you just outside your comfort zone where the magic really happens. All of this and a dash of accountability to get it all done.

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I prefer the accountability of in person visits (or by video teleconference, for you non-Montanans or frequent travelers) because there's nothing like looking a person in the eye and agreeing to a plan of action to hold your feet to the fire! But I also work by phone as well. In between sessions we will chat by email, phone, texts, Voxer, various IM systems or however we best connect. We meet in my office, yours or a favorite watering hole.


PLucK! is moving soon!

Every session is unique, but we get used to the same basic template:

  •  Review previous action/goals

  •  Identify the next problem to solve or goal to achieve

  •  Layout the facts to achieve goals

  •  Set SMART Goals.

       (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound)

  •  Summary, Wrap up

Finally, depending on your package, check-ins to see how it's going between sessions. You are also asked and encouraged to initiate as many as are helpful after the reality of life sinks in.

Professional coaching is so incredibly effective, because the support you are given is custom-tailored and available to you on the schedule and format you prefer.

SPECIAL NOTE: Coaching is NOT therapy. We will not be doing any diagnosis, support or treatment of any kind. Coaching can be a great addition to regular therapy, but if I suspect coaching is not a good match at this time, the session will be ended (in a friendly way of course) and any fees reimbursed.


“Your reality is created by what you focus on and

how you choose to interpret it.” - Jen Sincero