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Your Trusted
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Stacey Otterstrom
Certified Business Coach

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Hey you!


I'm Stacey, here to give you the support and accountability you need to grow your career or business.


I’m excited to help you simplify your next steps.  I’ll listen, we’ll strategize, then together, we’ll create a plan to clarify confusion and chaos.


For decades I worked in top level governments supporting politicians and their staff to be successful. Now, I’m taking my experience and focusing on serving passionate leaders across the nation.


I look forward to supporting you as you grow your business or transition to the next level in your career.   

Let's get to work!

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I bring 20+ years of experience as an HR Manager, Government Executive, and Entrepreneur to help guide you.


I am the co-owner of The Virago Collaborative, a co-working and networking community that supports your business.

I have also worked for Governor Steve Bullock as his Boards and Appointments Advisor. I helped him recruit, assess, and onboard everyone from cabinet (Department Directors) and judges to the thousands of appointments he made across the state. I got a front row seat supporting these leaders as they managed the impossible. 

Prior to this position, I have over a decade of experience in politics and public campaigns and worked in the office of U.S. Senator Jon Tester among other roles.

Certifed Professional Coach:

Coach Training Alliance 2018

Masters in Public Administraion:

University of Montana 2011

B.A. in Political Science:

Montana State University 2005

You Deserve This!
Stop working in chaos and take charge of your future!

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